"The greatest gift you can give yourself (and others) is to uncover who you really are, and become aware of the true source of your identity and value."

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    “On the other side of fear is an amazing journey with infinite possibilities; so ask yourself, “what could happen (what could I miss out on) if I DON’T do this?”

  • WORTH Enterprises, LLC

    “Love yourself enough to confront the fears which keep you from living the life you desire…the greatest battle you will ever fight is the one within.”

  • WORTH Enterprises, LLC

    “All of your relationships ~ every single one~ is in some way a mirror which shows how you truly feel about yourself. ”


My name is Kenya, and I help others break free from the lies they believe about their value and self worth.

I am passionate about helping professional and career women in the area of personal growth & development.


Read. Watch. Listen

Girl Talk: Truth Every Woman Wants To Know is available now!

Do you feel like you are successful in every area of your life except personal relationships?

Have you worked to build a good life, only to be left wondering where is the person that is to share it with you?

This book empowers unmarried women to live their lives to the fullest NOW.  Learn about right (and wrong) ways to determine one’s value, and embracing who you are as you are in 

the present, in order to experience greater fulfillment and live a more desirable life.

“It’s time to expose and discredit the lies we believe, embrace the truth about our worth and our value, and adjust how we see ourselves.” 

This book shows the way.     

Girl Talk Front Cover

Three Mindset That Cause Stress, Anxiety, and Dissatisfaction? 

I want it!

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