Your Greatest Battle (pt. 2): Thought Life

Podcast Episode 003

  As we stated in our last posting, one’s life is the sum total of decisions and choices made over time..  According to author Brian Hawker, “This is life’s greatest truth and hardest lesson because it reminds us that the power is ours alone to be who we want, and to live the life we have imagined ”.  Accepting that  all of us have the power to choose, allows us to take ownership for who, where, and what we are. 

This realization  that you are in control of your own destiny is indeed extraaordinary!...but Please don't be overwhelmed by the magnitude of this responsibility.  Just as the journey of 1,000 miles begins with one step; all decisions - no matter how big or small –begin with a thought.  Our thought life is crucial to the life lived out  from day to day, for the garden that grows is the one which is watered most. Take an account and ask yourself: what are  you using to water the garden of your mind; and how do handle the weeds of negative thinking when they pop up in your garden?  

Our lives are a reflection of our choices, and our choices are a reflection of our thought life. According to Dr. Helen Schacmann, "There are no neutral or “harmless” thoughts. Every thought brings either peace or war; either love or fear.   

How we think causes us to either move forward or not.  There is no neutral ground.  Does your thought life align with the best version of you?   If not, there is hope because you have the power to change how you think.  Everyday when dealing with self, others, and the situations of life, you have a choice peace or war, love or fear. What do you choose?