Perception is NOT Reality

Many people say “perception is reality”, but I'm not quite sure that's true.

Perception is a way of understanding and interpreting.  based on  one’s thoughts beliefs judgments.

Its how we see things, and it's affected by how we think and what we may or may not know; so, a misunderstanding, miscommunication, or simply not knowing something  can cause perception to be tainted, incomplete, or just plain wrong.

Life's experiences and how we have handled them, or not handled them, definitely have an impact on our perceptions as well.

 Unresolved  hurt, disappointment, anger and offense, affect how we relate with others just as good interactions do.

When you are interacting with someone, does your thinking about that person have a tendency  to give them the benefit of the doubt? 

The caveat with perception is that is often leads us to make assumptions; and whether for the best or the worst: assumptions are the voice of our past showing up in our present, telling us how to behave today.

Do you interact with people differently based on their appearance or gender?

What about age or race?(business attire vs poor or homeless person)? 

What about gender?  (Interaction with males versus females)?

Age? - children, teens, adults, seniors)


How we interact with someone is determined by how we "see them.   Using external factors leads to making assumptions; which are typically based on our perception - often rooted in past experience, etc.

I am not saying that we are to ignore the lessons of past experience. they have great value.  At the same time, please know that everything is not a replay from the past.  And things are not always as they may seem, especially when our view i  tinted and tainted with the pain of our yesterdays.

The bottom line is that it all begins within. How we view others is based on how we see ourselves. How I see me affects my perception of everyone and everything around. What we dislike in others is oftentimes somewhere within us, so before passing judgment on others, I turn the magnifying glass around and take a deeper look within.

Perception is NOT reality, but it does impact it.  So for those who desire to change your reality, start by changing your perception.