Attitude is Everything

Attitude is an attractor. What we draw to us is a reflection of what’s already on the inside of us.

An attitude of gratitude draws even more of the kinds of things for which we are grateful. When we are thankful for what we already have, and what others do for us,  we attract more of the same.  

This is also true for the opposite.  When we focus on the opposite; unfortunately, we open the gates for more of that. 

The things we give our attention, energy, and focus, are the things that are magnified. We all have an internal antennae, and when we give our mental attention to something it’s like turning the dial of the radio station of our minds. In essence it’s like saying. “These are the types of songs I want playing in my head”; and just like with a physical radio, other songs are being played but what I hear is determined by selecting a specific frequency. 

Have you ever noticed how your reactions can be a trigger? Whenever something doesn’t go as planned, adopting a bad attitude always makes things worse than remaining optimistic and moving forward.

Usually, when I select the wrong frequency and adopt a negative  disposition or start complaining about what’s not right, I can feel my energy go down, like I sink on the inside; AND, I can almost guarantee that my complaining opens the door for something else to go wrong. On the other hand, when I make an effort to stay optimistic and focused on the outcomes I desire, in spite of what’s occurred, this helps me get myself back on the right frequency and move forward…leaving the potential train wreck behind.  

Staying  positive on purpose is not a magic formula that makes everything have a fairytale ending. That’s not realistic. When we have life storms, we must acknowledge how we feel and where things are.  The key is not to get stuck there. 


 Remaining grateful and optimistic in the storm is important for 3 reasons:  

  1. Gratitude keeps things in proper perspective. Life can be pretty bleak at times . It can deal some low blows; even so, things could always be worse. When a situation is not ideal, keep moving, Don’t give up! Do not quit because although tramatic, this is but a moment in life, and it too shall pass. As long as there as breath in your body, things can and will change.  

  2. Gratitude and optimism provide and protect peace.  It’s one thing to be in  a storm…having a storm in you is something else altogether. Being grateful for where you are and what you have NOW, keeps the storms of life from taken over your mind and sanity. It reminds you that you can cope. You are stronger than the situation and you can make it through.

  3. Lastly, gratitude opens the doors of your heart and mind to see the reality of the situation at hand. To see what I mean by this, I want you to  try something… The next time you encounter unpleasant circumstances, approach them from a different perspective… seek out things about the situation for which you can be grateful. It’s easy to see disadvantages and inconveniences…they stick out like a sore thumb, and are usually the first things we notice…try to look beyond them. Are there any potential advantages to the situation? Any “blessings in disguise” because of what’s happened? The benefits may not be visible right away, but if you take a closer look, in time you will see them.   

Honestly, this way of thinking does not occur naturally. We have to reprogram ourselves to think this way. This is the attitude of a champion, and of someone who will not be defeated by circumstances.  

I am in no way saying doing this will always be easy, but there’s nothing wrong with a little work. 

An  attitude of gratitude is also a position  of inner strength and power. .it takes incredible strength to stay calm in in the midst of chaos; but, you can do it. 

There’s no greater force than a made-up mind. Once you make up yours, come what may, you can’t be stopped.