The Power To Choose

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"We do not live the life we desire. We live the life we design. 

I say this because it has been my experience that when something bothers me, that is a nudge for me to make a change.  

We (human beings) love to be comfortable. Comfort is not a bad thing; however, comfort rarely inspires.  Our love for comfort can cause us to view discomfort as a problem or a nuisance when the reality is that discomfort is an opportunity to uncover better and expose greatness because discontentment is the birthplace of the best inventions, thoughts, and ideas. 

If you're reading this right now, take a quick inventory of your life by answering these questions. When you think about your life overall, (finances, relationships, how you spend your time), how satisfied are you?  Are you completely satisfied with things as they are now?  Do you have some satisfaction; yet, at the same time, want some things to be different? On some level, is your soul calling out for something other than what you currently have? There’s a high chance that last question just described at least one area of your life…maybe more. If so, I am talking to you, so stay tuned and keep listening!

What you are experiencing is discontentment; and ultimately, you have two choices: go about making a change, or not.  What we do not change, we tolerate and allow.  On the other hand, discontentment and frustration can be channeled to enable us to do the work we need to do to bring about the change(s) we want to see and experience.

Too many people move through life day-to-day, with high levels of frustration and discontent because their life circumstances are not as they desire them to be,  and things seem to be beyond their control. This leaves them feeling helpless and even worse, hopeless. 

The good news is that this perspective is false, because the truth is, “you and I are in control of only two things: how we prepare for what may happen, and how we respond to what happens.  In a moment, life can change tremendously for what may seem to be better or worse. We cannot control what a moment brings.  Our power is in how we choose to respond to what the moment presents us.

What have you chosen within your moments in time (your life)  up until now?  More importantly, what are you choosing in and with the present moment?

Whoever you were created to be, you possess NOW. What you were born to do is already within you, NOW.  You will never become what you can be, until your current situation has you dissatisfied and frustrated enough to choose differently…what do you choose?


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