Lifestyle Architect


Who Am I?

Hi! I’m Kenya Ransey (with an “N” not an “M”). After more than 20 years helping organizations navigate change, I’ve turned my attention to assisting individuals. I couple my personal experience with certifications in personal and professional development to deliver dynamic encounters for those seeking to live their best life. My background in education allows me to offer tailor-made solutions that work best for each of my clients. My leadership capabilities allow me to design scalable plans from a big-picture perspective. I am the Lifestyle Architect. Let’s get started designing your best life today.


What I believe

I believe that we each possess a desire to enjoy life. However, that desire does not just appear. Living our best, enjoyable lives requires action on our part. We must create the life we want to live. Moreover, I believe that our ability to achieve our best lives takes a collective effort. I believe that we are better together; some places in life, we can’t reach alone.

Who I Serve

Are you a woman looking to be the best version of yourself? Do you desire sustainable change in your life? I believe you can be your best self long-term. I offer individualized programs to help you on that journey.

While my services are primarily geared towards women, my products and services focus on being whole and living your best life. Anyone can listen and learn; all are welcome to participate.