A business owned and operated by Women Of Restoration Truth and Healing

What We Believe

Our mantra/central theme is “It All Begins Within”.

What this means is life is lived/experienced from the inside out.

What we see and experience externally (outside of ourselves) world is direct result of who we are and how we live internally.

The key to wholeness, fulfillment, happiness, success, or whatever you want to call what we all really want is found not outside of us in things or in others, but within.

Furthermore, we have the power to create the life we want by first creating it within ourselves.

We believe:

  • love and honor of self are the foundation for how we relate to and interact with other people and things
  • how a person relates to things and other people demonstrates the love and honor he/she has for him/herself
  • every relationship you have in some way reflects the relationship you have with yourself
  • a person can only love, honor, and respect others to the level she loves, honors, and respects herself because we cannot give away what we do not have 

Who We Help

Our mantra/central theme is “It All Begins Within”.

We help high-performing, professional, and career women, struggling with loneliness, the social stigma of being single, and the fear of never getting married, learn to be complete and fulfilled, enjoy life NOW, and live happily ever after.

What We Do

We help women:

  • break free from the lies they believe about their value and self worth 
  • know the truth about who they are, and use it to elevate and fully enjoy life

Ultimately, we help others live a more fulfilling, purpose-driven life by knowing who they are, the source of their value, and how to honor  authentic selves.

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Why We Do This

It All Begins Within

We do this work because too many women are believing that we are less than, not valued, and undesirable because we are unmarried, and/or unattached.

We are looking outside of ourselves to things and to other people for something that can only come from within, resulting in improper boundaries and unrealistic expectations within our relationships.