How To Win The Greatest Battle You’ll Ever Fight (part 2)

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As we stated in our last session, one’s life is the sum total of decisions and choices made over time.  According to author Brian Hawker, “This is life’s greatest truth and hardest lesson because it reminds us that the power is ours alone to be who we want, and to live the life we have imagined ”.  Accepting that all of us have the power to choose, allows us to take ownership for who, where, and what we are.

This realization that you are in control of your own destiny is indeed extraordinary!…

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How To Win The Greatest Battle You’ll Ever Fight (part I)

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Backstabbers, enemies, haters…honestly, they don’t really matter! Because our biggest enemy is the inner me. - the inner self; and the greatest battle you’ll ever fight is the one within. 

Whether other people are for or against us is not as important as we seem to think because the true enemy of the soul is fear, not other people.  

Fear is a crippling power that often causes us to act in ways contrary to who we really are. 

Oftentimes, fear causes us to resort to others' control instead o…

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The Power To Choose

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"We do not live the life we desire. We live the life we design. 

I say this because it has been my experience that when something bothers me, that is a nudge for me to make a change.  

We (human beings) love to be comfortable. Comfort is not a bad thing; however, comfort rarely inspires.  Our love for comfort can cause us to view discomfort as a problem or a nuisance when the reality is that discomfort is an opportunity to uncover better and expose greatness because discontentment is th…

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